Computer Case Inter-Tech S-3901 IMPULSE RGB


Dimensions (h/w/d) 505 x 215 x 455mm
Height CPU cooler (max.) 175mm
Length graphics card (max.) 275mm
USB 3.0 χ 2
USB 2.0 χ 2
Microphone χ 1
Headphones χ 1
Front 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm (optional)
Rear 1x 120mm (serial, RGB, 6pin connector)
Top 2x 120mm or 2x 140mm (optional)
Weight net = 6.78kgs
gross = 8.04kgs

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Are you looking for a special case, that moves your lighting concept into new spheres? Then the S-3901 Impulse is just right for you!
A slightly tinted Tempered Glass side panel and two RGB LED strips, which run over the front panel and the whole top of the case, make the S-3901 the ideal candidate for a high-end system with elaborate LED lighting. This is not only due to the standard 120mm RGB LED fan, that is installed on the rear panel, but also because of the digital 5V RGB control board, which accommodates up to 7 additional RGB fans, which are managed via the RGB motherboard control header. Space for up to four additional 3-pin fans round off the connection variety of the integrated circuit board.
In the top of the case are, in addition to the LED strips, fixed dust filter inserts and the controls. In addition tot wo USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports and HD audio jacks, there is a slider to set the fan speed (Off/Low/High) and a switch for manually switching through the LED effects. Another removable dust filter under the power supply and a variety of ways to lay the cables, complete the offer.
RGB control board (allows effects like running light or rainbow)
3pin RGB header connector for digital 5V RGB motherboard control
Includes two RGB LED strips and a 120mm RGB fan
Side panel made of Tempered Glass


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