Computer Case Inter-Tech IT-3303 HORNET ARGB


Front panel with two integrated ARGB LED strips
1x 120mm ARGB fan in the front as standard
Color control via LED button or 3pin 5V RGB motherboard control
Translucent window side panel made of acrylic
Two 3.5″ bays in the power supply tunnel
Rubber buffer for vibration-free operation of the 3.5″ hard drives
Two 120mm fan bays above the power supply tunnel
Space for water cooling in the sizes 120mm, 240mm and 360mm
Easy to remove dust filters in the bottom and in the top
Power supply mounting in a separate cage in the bottom part
Openings for easy routing of the cables

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The IT-3303 Hornet, with its two integrated ARGB LED strips in the front and the standard 120mm ARGB fan, offers a decent basic equipment for every gaming PC and leaves enough room for further upgrades. The lighting is controlled either via the integrated LED switch or via the 3pin 5V RGB header connection on the motherboard.
The translucent acrylic side panel offers excellent views of the built-in hardware and makes every gamer’s heart beat faster. A total of seven additional fan spaces are available, which can contribute to a well thought-out ventilation concept. In the separate power supply tunnel, next to the power supply bay, are two bays for 3.5″ hard drives located, which can be equipped with rubber buffers to avoid annoying vibrations on the case. Dust filters in the top and in the bottom of the case, which are easy to remove and clean, keep the interior of the case free of dust.


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