Computer Case Inter-Tech CXC2


Form factor ATX, μATX, ITX
Dimensions (h/w/d) 450 x 195 x 420mm
Height CPU cooler (max.) 155mm
Length graphics card (max.) 335mm
3.5″ internal χ2
2.5″ internal χ3
USB 3.0 χ1
USB 2.0 χ2
Card Reader
Microphone χ1
Headphones χ1
Front panel made of tempered glass
3x 120mm fans Argus L-12025 blue with 33 LEDs serial
Guiding screws for mounting of hard disks
Separated SSD-mounting options
Option to mount liquid coolers in 120mm and 240mm
PSU mounting in separated tunnel at the bottom
Easy removable dust filters in the cap and the bottom
USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and Audio plugs as internal block connectors
Translucent acrylic side panel

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The CXC2 is a real eye catcher due to the three blue Argus L-12025 LED-fans and the translucent acrylic side panel.
The front is made of tempered glass and has a stylish honeycomb design.
The interior offers space for additional fans, a 120mm or 240mm liquid cooler and several hard disks.
The case offers removable dust filters in the cap and in the bottom of the case.
The USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and HD-Audio connectors as well as all buttons are on the top.
The scope of delivery includes guiding screws for the 3.5″ hard disks which ensure fast mounting.
The separated PSU tunnel offers the option to mount two additional 120mm fans for air circulation.
Front panel made of tempered glass
Three 120mm LED-fans (each 33 LEDs!)
Dust filters in cap and bottom
Mounting option for AiO-liquid cooler


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