Computer Case Inter-Tech C-303 MIRROR


Mirrored tempered glass front panel
Tempered glass side window
Power supply space in separate power supply tunnel with separate airflow
Separate 3.5″ hard drive cage in the power supply tunnel
SSD bays next to the mainboard and above the power supply tunnel
Space for water cooling in the sizes 120mm, 240mm and 280mm
Openings for easy cable laying
Easy to remove dust filter underneath the power supply and in the top

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The C-303 Mirror convinces with its slightly mirrored tempered glass front panel, behind where three optional 120mm fans can be staged. The tempered glass side panel extends over three quarters of the case and offers insights into the inside of the case and the installed hardware. Installation spaces for additional 120mm or 140mm fans, a choice of 120mm, 240mm or 280mm AiO water cooling as well as installation options for 2.5″ SSDs can be found in the spacious interior. The 3.5″ hard drives are in a separate cage, which is located in the separate power supply tunnel located, assembled.
Removable dust filters are located in the cover of the case and below the power supply unit, which protect the interior of the case from annoying dust and are easy to clean. The complete package of the C-303 Mirror is rounded off by the openings on the side next to the mainboard carrier, through which the cables can be laid behind the mainboard carrier.


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