Speaker Edifier RGB G1000 Black


Bluetooth Version V5.0
RMS R/L 2.5W+2.5W
Peak Power R/L 5W+5W
Frequency Response 93Hz-20kHz
Audio inputs Bluetooth, USB audio streaming, AUX
Plug USB power plug + 3.5mm audio plug
Signal-noise ratio 85dB(A)
Noise level 25dB(A
Cabinet size 119.6χ113χ92.5mm
Product weight 0.67kg

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Bluetooth/USB audio streaming/AUX inputs
2.5 inch full-range drivers for high-resolution audio and punchy bass
Unique design adds to your gaming vibe
12 different RGB lighting effects enhance the gaming experience
Wired controller includes input selection, volume adjustment and sound mode/light effects selection
Music and Game sound modes are supported


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